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100% Cotton 6.1 oz.

This shirt really has staying power. It is ideal for a shirt that you expect to have worn over and over again. This 100% Cotton shirt breathes nicely, making it ideal for different sports clubs and softball teams. In addition to this, it's heavy weight has a nice quality feel that will work well for bands, restaurants, and other entertainment venues.

50/50 5.6 oz.

When you’re looking at a one-time use, quick fix for an event, look no further than the 50/50 T-shirt. As t-shirts go, this might be considered a "promo" shirt. Just enough to get your message out, but not break the bank. For all those candidates getting shirts for a parade, this is the right way to go. They're great on price and make an excellent impression on your viewers. There's nothing quite like an inexpensive T-shirt to turn hundreds of your supporters into walking advertisements.


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