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What You Need to Know about produces high quality, customizable yard signs. We also provide other print promotion materials that range anywhere from apparel, balloons, banners; just about everything you can think of and everything you want to have your name on --- we can do it. We're based in Davenport, IA but have done business nation-wide. We're experts in political marketing and most of our business is dedicated to political yard signs and custom signs. But that doesn't mean we're afraid to think outside the box. Simply put, we're the best at what we do. Navigate to the left and below for more information on custom yard signs, campaign signs, business signs and much more.
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Why Choose for Campaign Signs and Political Yard Signs? is widely known for its custom yard signs and political signs for political campaigns and business marketing. has specific campaign sign expertise and can help you determine what materials are appropriate for your campaign or marketing effort.

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Our pricing, quality and customer service are top in the nation. Whether you need a large volume of poly bag signs for your campaign, attractive real estate signs or a professional looking banner for your school, we can do it. We offer full graphic design for palm cards and brochures and have a unique and easy to use online design tool for your yard signs. See why has become one of the fastest growing promotional products companies on the web.

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AdSpice - Marketing Blog

Check out our new Blog! Get advice on the best ways to win with your marketing or political campaign. Here are some of the most requested articles...

Get to Know Your Voters
The point is, if you want to be an elected official, get to know your potential voters and let them get to know you. Understand the basic marketing principles and in this article, we specifically are going to talk about how to promote yourself at any event... [read more]

Political Video Marketing with YouTube
Not only has YouTube changed the way we watch the news, it changed how politicians market themselves. Almost every politician (if not all) have his or her own YouTube channel. This is because of the huge on-line presence that’s on YouTube. You can reach potential voters and send out your message in just a few clicks.... [continue reading]

Slogans: Keep‘em Simple, Keep‘em Fresh
I have been working with political candidates for 10 years. Part of the work I do at is to help them create a useable and attractive campaign logo. Once a logo is created, it will be used throughout the entire campaign and should be immediately...[read more]

What's in the Package: Campaign Packages Make Life Easy.
If you are running a political campaign, whether you are the candidate or the consultant, your list of campaign materials can be daunting.  You have to get the campaign signs, get the palm cards and make sure the staff has t-shirts and campaign buttons to pass out in the parade.  Add this to the never-ending list of other “to do’s” and your life just got complicated.... [read more]

A Political Billboard? Really? Highway Signs Cut your Cost
If you’re going to run for political office, you are going to need campaign signs.  There is no way around it.  Political signs are the single most effective way to raise voter awareness.  Signs are the most visible piece of marketing you can do, in politics and business... [read more]

Tough Questions Require Real Answers
There are some real questions that you need to ask yourself before you run for any office. In addition, there are some core questions that voters will ask you while you are on the campaign trail. You need to be able to confidently answer these questions without fluff and without waiver. If you can’t give concrete answers to these basic questions, then you may need to [read on]

Campaigning Tricks and Helpful Hints
So, I thought I would share some knowledge. I get asked a lot of questions and am solicited for a lot of advice. I am going to give some tips on products that will work for just about any campaign. I’ll also share some guidelines to use when ordering campaign materials. This information is a collaboration of thousands of campaigns that I have worked with in some capacity... [read on]

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